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To anyone reading this old blog, I keep it up for its content but feel free to visit my website here: I update it as often as possible.


-Shadow Mandoll


Being a parent means one horrifically painful thing: Getting up super early and watching cartoons. lol I’m not complaining, I love being a mom but as we all know, there is no sleeping in. I hear that gets better when the kids get older. I know teenagers sleep in. There is a trade off though, they sleep in but they treat you terribly when awake. lol Ok enough bitching on my part for the day.

It’s a little after 7am right now and I’ve just been piddling. Checking my email, checking my classes, etc. Not much new in either area. I wrote a new story a couple nights ago and submitted it for a anthology on xcite. Hope it gets chosen, but if not it has potential for a full on book. The story needed to be at 4k words and I had to cut out some scenes after I finished to get it down to size. Hated doing that, but *shrugs* I didn’t think it sounded too rushed and that’s the main worry about those things. Anyway, if it gets rejected I’ll keep working on it and resubmit it on its own.

I was checking out the other calls for submissions. There is another one due on the 30th but I don’t think I’ll do that one because I would have to rush myself too much to complete it and the work would suffer. I’ve had a few ideas bouncing around in my head and I’m thinking about just working on one of them and just submit it based on what it would fit under.

Well I think I’ll sign off for now and get some work done around the house. Don’t forget to check out the new e-book, with my short story, “The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss” Which can be found on and

-Shadow Mandoll

A willing pupil-book review

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A Willing Pupil (Xcite Novels)A Willing Pupil by Jacqueline Griffin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all, this author is very talented. When I say this I’m talking about how well rounded the story is. It doesn’t read like a wam-bam get your jollies erotica story. I found myself very interested in the main character and genuinely wanting to know how his story would end. I highly recommend it.

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As the title says, the book will be available on the website on November 3rd. I’m very excited, I looked over the book today and read a couple of the other stories, amazing. I can’t wait to read the others. Tonight I’m going to curl up with a cup of cocoa in a comfy chair and indulge. Anyway, write down the date and the name and don’t forget to get your copy!

-Shadow Mandoll

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The Erotic Adventures of Ambrose HorneThe Erotic Adventures of Ambrose Horne by Chrissie Bentley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Erotic Adventures of Ambrose Horne, by the very talented Chrissie Bentley was a pleasure to read. The main character, comparable to Sherlock Holmes (oh wait, he is mentioned!), is absolutely amazing. This is a perfect example of the kind of Erotica I truly enjoy. It was very well rounded and entertaining in every way.

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Book Reviews

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Soon I will be posting book reviews here, on xcite, and amazon for everyone to read. I’m currently reading a title that immediately caught my eye so I’m looking forward to sharing my views on it soon.

Bad Girls Sweet Kiss

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Well, I signed the forms and my story is offically included in the upcoming e-book ‘The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss.” I’m very excited about this and I’m also excited to read the other stories included by the many awesome authors whos works will be featured aswell. I’ve been writing another story, well more like writing, deleting and re writing, ha ha. Thats how it goes sometimes. I find it so funny, I had never told most of the people in my life what I’ve been writing except for my cousin and my husband, who are both very open minded. Well recently I told my parents what I’ve been writing and about the story getting published and the reaction was amazing. My mother told me that she was so proud of me. lol

Anyway other than the usual life stuff not much else is going on. Wanted to post and update about the story. I’ll make sure to post again when the e-book is up for sale and how to get a copy of the hotness for yourself. Out for now. xoxo -Shadow Mandoll